About us
Welcome to the official page of Rice and Roll — your source of incredibly tasty sushi in Andover!

My name is Aliona, and I am the founder and soul of Rice and Roll. From my very first day in Andover, I felt this cosy town needed genuine, quality sushi, and a year and a half later, this dream was realised. The idea of a cloud sushi kitchen quickly turned into reality with the amazing support of locals and the "Station Inn" pub, which kindly provided us with kitchen space and became our first, and perhaps most loyal, partner.

My Story
Having worked in the restaurant business since 2010, I have crossed borders, moved across oceans, and delved into different culinary cultures — from a waitstaff assistant to a manager, I know this business inside and out. These years of experience, including working with talented chefs and diverse culinary traditions, have given me a unique insight into how true flavour is created, which I have brought into Rice and Roll.

About Our Team
At Rice and Roll, we take pride in our team of professional chefs with experience working in Japanese cuisine in Eastern Europe. Why is this important? Because Japanese cuisine entered the markets of countries like Ukraine and Belarus more than 15 years ago, undergoing a path of adaptation and creative reinterpretation while maintaining its sophistication and uniqueness. Our approach merges traditional Japanese techniques with inventive European interpretations to bring you dishes that are both familiar and fresh.

Our Mission
Since April 2022, being the only sushi delivery in Andover, we at Rice and Roll have set ourselves a mission — to make Japanese cuisine popular and beloved in the UK, providing our clients with tasty and healthy food right to their doorstep.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you appreciate our passion and dedication in every dish we create for you!